Architectural Flashing Supply 1

Architectural Flashing supply is your first source for metal roof panels. We fabricate standing seam roofing panels in a variety of profiles. Double lock panels, single lock standing seam, snap lock standing seam, all available with optional striations to complement any style of building, from the traditional to the modern. AFS offers complete solutions to your roofing designs including ridge caps, valley flashing and soffit.

  • Mechanical double lock – 1 & 1 ½
  • Snap lock with clip – 1 & 1 ½
  • Nail strip – 1 & 1 ½
  • Striation (available on any panel)
  • Radius panels – specific to our German made Schlebach; designed for running copper and zinc panels, longitudinal slitter cuts coils to any width on site.

*All metal roofing accessories available. We fabricate and provide “code compliant” soldered flashing for any application

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